#BookendBaldies – Episode 19


This week the #BookendBaldies are in Providence, RI!

They start off with a Benda Vaccaro VS. Baccara segment that is not to be missed.

Buddy & Eddie say goodby to Pop Superstar, Tommy Page.

In this episode find out what the following hashtags mean: #BrendaEggroll #SkylaStrong #ToupeeFall #KellySuckItLogoCallUs and #TheseAlgorithmsAreHot!

The boys are talking about what happens when things go wrong onstage, “The Lounge: Episode 2” and knowing your gay history.

Plus ALL your favorites are there including: Favorite Instagram Feeds, #BaldieBuzz, #BaldieBabe, Quotes, Whatcha Listening To? (which becomes a Sing-A-Long event), Obsessions and iTunes Reviews Review!

This is one of the most laugh out loud episodes…so sit back, grab a glass of wine and enjoy #BookendBaldies – Episode 19!


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