#BookendBaldies – Episode 10



This week the boys are in Long Island filming for “The Lounge” and hanging with executive producer & Buddy’s prom date, Christine Gerani.

They dig deeper into the infamous Orlando trip, Buddy tries a Russian accent and Eddie finally figures out what Goldie Hawn was trying to say when stuttering in “Overboard”.

They talk about BaldieBabe: Brian Bloom, the benefits of straddling a cold sink, and Eddie’s surprising lookalikes.

Christine tells the story of how she almost went from ChrissyFrau to ChrissySplat during her time as #TeamDeb.

Buddy’s weak stomach makes an appearance, Eddie short circuits halfway through the podcast and all this happens before they have to film their segments for “The Lounge”.

After filming Buddy and Eddie return to talk about Plumber Fred and Franny, find out why “My wife has balls!”, a “Pretty And Pulp” party, and Eddie is so upset about the lackluster response to his nude picture!

A”pod”ogies, “What cha listening to?” and Fav. Instagram are all included in this mayhem we like to call simply #BookendBaldies.


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