#BookendBaldies – Episode 7


Buddy and Eddie are in Dubuque, Iowa with Debbie Gibson and Kool And The Gang this week for Mystique Casino’s “Rock The River Concert Series”!

In this week’s episode Buddy and Eddie discover dog racing, meet Craig Wayne Boyd and Kool And The Gang as they share the stage with their favorite gal, Debbie Gibson.

They discuss this emotional week and how they plan on dealing with it.

Eddie recalls his fond love of “G.L.O.W” and Buddy is back on an “AGT” kick.

Eddie discovered a new word in his dressing room at CHICAGO that is sure to make you dry heave.

They update you on the status of Buddy’s new show “The Lounge” and let you in on some new games and additions they want to bring to the podcast.

Your favorites are included as always with an updated “Obsessions”, “Fav. Instagrams”, and “What cha listening to?”.

Last but not least, they have decided on the listener name and cannot wait to share the news!

Sit back, get ready to laugh, and enjoy “#BookendBaldies – Episode 7”!


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