#BookendBaldies – Episode 5


Buddy and Eddie are in Eddie’s hometown of Dallas, TX! Unbeknownst to them ComicCon is in full swing at the Omni Hotel and Eddie is totally geeking out!

They have a performance with Debbie Gibson at the MetroBall 2016 at S4, the club Eddie used to sneak into as a teenager.

This week they take on the very controversial topic of “Gorilla Baby”, Eddie crosses “Go to Tallywacker’s” off his bucket list, and the “Baldie Buzz” brings up a hilarious discussion about toupees!

They explain what dancers need to know about walking in heels and tapping.

They introduce their new game “Search That, Bitch!” and learn what a “Sloppy Hand” means…THIS IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

Find out what the boys are listening to this week, their favorite Instagram accounts, and they attempt quotes…again.

Enjoy the mess that is Episode 5!


Important links from episode are:






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